Treatment Options

Addiction is a brain disease that kills. It is also a disease that when assessed, diagnosed and treated properly, people can and do recover.

The team at the White Oak Run Recovery Center has carefully investigated the most effective clinical practices that promote lasting solutions to the very complex issues that arise as a result of substance use and the disorder and the chaos it creates.

Treatment For Drug Abuse And Addiction

All drug addiction treatment programs are not created equally. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 40 to 60% of people relapse after their first drug rehab treatment. Overwhelmingly our calls are from people who have already completed drug and alcohol rehab once, twice or more. This means that program isn’t working and it’s time for something new.

At White Oak Run we have personalized treatment programs for individuals struggling with:

  • Alcohol addiction

    Just because alcohol is legal, doesn’t mean it’s not a drug. Alcohol is not just a drug, but it is the drug most widely used and one of the drugs that causes the most addiction, disease, and violence. Surveys of people incarcerated for violent crimes indicate that about 40% had been drinking at the time they committed these offenses. Among those who had been drinking, average blood-alcohol levels were estimated to exceed three times the legal limit. Drinking is especially common among perpetrators of specific crimes, including murder, sexual assault, and intimate partner violence.

  • Illegal Drug Addiction

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more Americans die every day from drug overdoses than from car accidents — an average of 110 people per day. Illegal drugs remain high on the list for abusers because they are highly addictive and not hard to find. The SAMHSA reported noted however, that almost 25 million young people aged 12 and older are current illegal drug users, or they had used drugs such as cocaine, heroin, hallucinogens in just the past month.

  • Prescription Drug Addiction

    These are the drugs given to us almost innocently, by our physicians. Usually, these pills are prescribed because of a surgery or an injury that is causing a great deal of pain. Drugs like Oxycotin, Lortab, Vicodin, Dilaudid, Morphine, and Hydrocodone are prescribed to help patients manage their pain so that they can live productive lives. Unfortunately, many doctors fail to share that prescription drugs are heroin in a pill form and are highly addictive and dangerous. Patients can become addicted to prescription drugs quickly and when the pill supply runs out experience painful withdrawal symptoms. Thus begins the cycle of prescription drug addiction.

  • Mental Health Disorders

    An unfortunate part of addiction deals directly with mental health disorders. Many times a person is struggling with a mental disorder such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress syndrome, depression or obsessive compulsive disorder. Rather than treat the mental illness – this person will often turn to drugs and alcohol for temporary relief of the symptoms of the particular disorder. These drug crutches can provide relief for a short time but in order to keep the same feeling of symptom relief, the person must continue using all the while increasing the dosage intake. Before he or she knows it – addiction happens. Mental illness is not cured by self-medicating. It is worsened.

  • Co-occurring Disorders

    In order to understand the underlying issues in a person struggling with addiction, a treatment plan must include an assessment by a clinician who specializes in dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis is the understanding that addiction and mental illness can be occurring at the same time. One cannot be treated without treating the other. Clients with co-occurring disorders will not be successful if only the addiction is addressed and likewise they will not be successful if only the mental illness disorder is addressed. A dual diagnosis evaluation must be performed as well as reviewed closely to determine the basis of a client’s addiction and to establish the proper treatment program to maximize success.

Instead Of 12 Steps, We Want You to Take Just One.

Contact our addiction specialists at White Oak Run. Our unique solution provides the ability to work through drug abuse and addiction issues that have held you captive, while treating the addiction. At White Oak Run we believe that in order to be successful for the long term your rehab treatment must compose of three key elements – a medical component, a mental health component and a spiritual component.

  • Professional Medical Treatment

    Our medical teams are trained to understand how to help you manage your substance abuse addiction. Drugs and alcohol respond differently in different metabolisms. Our medical professionals perform the necessary tests, clinical assessments and services like medical detoxification to provide you with a treatment solution to help you heal – physically.

  • Mental Health Treatment

    Mental health wellness and balance is often the hardest to attain but is often the most rewarding. Our addiction treatment campuses are staffed with experienced counselors who are trained administer dual diagnosis treatment and address common mental health disorders like anxiety or depression, which often cause or co-occur with drug addiction and alcohol addiction. They will listen first to understand your individual situation and challenges, and then to guide you on your particular path to enlightenment. This path is the path you will stay on forever.

  • Spiritual Connection & Growth Counseling

    Understanding spirituality is knowing that a higher power is there for you to carry that heavy weight that is on your shoulders – for you. We help our clients connect with this powerful entity and teach them how believing and relying on spirituality for forgiveness and love can release them from their burden and give them back the life they deserve to live. Our Christian-based rehab facility is the only one of its kind in the country and has an 85% success rate – a number that is unheard of in our industry.

These essential recovery treatment components, combined with ongoing recovery care and a one year support plan that is unlike any in our industry – gives individuals a comprehensive drug abuse and addiction treatment program that offers a tailored solution to get sober and stay sober – for life.


We know this can be a difficult time and at the White Oak Run Recovery Center we want no barriers to success. Learn to live sober in the most relaxing environment we can provide.

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