HOPE Program

Many times our clients have received messages from childhood or throughout their lifetime that somehow shaped or formed their existence. These sub-conscious feelings, thoughts, ideas and viewpoints can often burden them into adulthood. At White Oak Run, we feel that Attachment Theory is a key to development and learning how to have a re-birth in early recovery.

We use Emotionally Focused Therapy to have our clients change problematic emotional states or unwanted self-experiences. Emotions themselves do not inhibit the therapeutic process, but people’s inability to manage emotions and use them well is seen as a problem. Our therapist use Empathetic Exploration techniques to develop a sense of safety with our clients to allow them to develop compassionate self-soothing.

HOPE = Heart Centered Healing: Emotionally Focused Therapy

  • Our clients are given the tools and the foundation in an environment of unconditional positive regard and re-learning healthy attachment styles in order to thrive and grow.
  • Clients learn how to reform, reshape, and revision their life to develop new, healthy coping skills for a foundation of success.
  • Dissolve feelings of shame and inadequacy in order to promote positive self-esteem and self-worth.
  • Clients will rewrite and construct their life story in a positive light.
  • Individuals are coached in the use of new communication styles to talk about old problems and develop new solutions.
  • White Oak Run has a genuineness for all clients and concern with a showing of empathy to their path of healing.

We know this can be a difficult time and at the White Oak Run Recovery Center we want no barriers to success. Learn to live sober in the most relaxing environment we can provide.

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