Addiction Resources

The White Oak Run Recovery Centers team has cultivated the most diverse team clinical team to help each individual that seeks help. We feel that it takes a village to make change and we provide the most caring, compassionate people to provide outstanding care.

Our assessments provide the individual concerned about his or her own substance use, or the individual concerned about someone else’s use of alcohol or drugs, the opportunity to be evaluated in a dignified and respectful manner.

Lifelong Care

We believe in providing care that leads to Lifelong Recovery – that is why we created our signature “Forever Care” program.

Recovery Management Services

Recovery Management Services are designed to assist individuals in securing needed supports.

Health & Wellness Program

We believe that without providing the hands-on knowledge and tools for healthy living, our clients are not receiving the best possible care or approach to lifelong recovery.

Family Program

White Oak Run Recovery Centers Family Program provides a warm and welcoming facility for the families, friends and colleagues who are, or have been, in treatment or are in recovery for substance use disorders.


Intervention & Prevention Services

We provide customized comprehensive prevention services for organizations, schools, groups, families, friends, and workplaces.

Prevention Services

We provide customized comprehensive prevention services for organizations, schools, groups, families, friends, and workplaces.

Data have shown that early intervention following the first episode of a serious mental illness can make an impact. Coordinated, specialized services offered during or shortly after the first episode of psychosis are effective for improving clinical and functional outcomes.

Intervention Services

Activities that are sub-clinical or pre-treatment (ASAM .05) and designed to explore and address problems or risk factors that appear to be related to Substance Use Disorder (SUD), and/or to assist individuals in recognizing the harmful consequences or inappropriate substance use.

Intervention services are for individual(s) whose problems and risk factors appear to be related to substance abuse. Such individuals are defined “at risk” and intervention may be delivered in a wide variety of settings with the length of such service varying according to the type of activity. The ultimate goal is the reduction of the effects of substance abuse within the targeted community by identifying and engaging those in need of services.

This small group educational program is designed to increase your awareness of the effects of alcohol and other drug use and reduce risk or harm associated with the use of alcohol and other drugs.

Whether you stepped forward on your own with questions or concerns or you were referred by your employer or your Employee Assistance Program, White Oak Run Recovery Center’s adult early intervention education services will provide you with important information and answers about alcohol and other drug use.


We know this can be a difficult time and at the White Oak Run Recovery Center we want no barriers to success. Learn to live sober in the most relaxing environment we can provide.

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